Friday, March 11, 2011

Congressman Serrano Congratulates Army Corps of Engineers on their Early Completion of Orchard Beach Shoreline Protect Project

Here is good news on a government project completed ahead of schedule. Kudos to Congressman Serrano and Crowley who together secured funds to protect the Orchard beach shoreline. Kudos to the Army Corps of Engineers.


(U.S. Congressman Serrano with Colonel John R. Boyle)

Serrano Meets with Army Corps of Engineers
On Thursday, Congressman Serrano met with Colonel John R. Boulé, the District Commander for the New York District of the Army Corps of Engineers. Together they shared their happiness over the successful and timely completion of the Orchard Beach Shoreline Protection Project.

Congressman Crowley and Congressman Serrano had worked together to secure federal funding, and the Corps began the project to add sand and address safety issues at Orchard Beach in late October 2010. The Corps finished the project in late January 2011, ahead of schedule and well before the start of this summer’s beach season.

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