Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boricua College Bronx Campus from Inception to Realization

Here is a photo taken today from a roof top of a building on Fulton Ave. The view faces south overlooking the South Bronx and the new Boricua College campus. I juxtaposed it with a video below of the project when it was in its inception stage. The project is a massive development for the community and an example of the rejuvenation happening in the South Bronx.


Text taken from the Boricua College Bronx Campus web site:

"The Future at Boricua College

Building a village by creating and supporting the connection between home, school, student and college.

The new Boricua College, 14-story tower, Bronx Campus will house the college's academic and administrative offices as well as: a 350-seat theatre, a museum, a cultural center, a library, a high school, a college prep program, and an after-school program for the children of Boricua students.

The vertical campus can serve 2,000 full-time students with a faculty of 100 full-time and 100 part-time professors and an administrative staff of 140.

Boricua College will be part of Boricua Village. Boricua Village includes 700 units of affordable and moderate housing, underground parking, retail space and a plaza."

Boricua College Bronx Campus Web Site:

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Aaron Brown said...

I like your blog. I hope to see the Boricua College campus this summer if I go to New York.

I was born in the Bronx, now I live in Georgia. I still love to know what's going on in the borough.