Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here is a post related to legislation advocating various benefits or protections for our veterans and active military personnel, supported by NY State Senator Klein.



ALBANY, NY - State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) voted to pass a package of legislation that extends or creates programs to honor our brave veterans and active military personnel who continue to serve our nation.

“We can never repay our veterans and active military personnel for their selfless sacrifice but we can continue to recognize and honor their service to our country. By passing this package of bills, it gives us the opportunity to enhance their quality of life, as well as their families and expand their opportunities. This legislation is the least we can do to show our continued support for their deep commitment and honorable service," said Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/ Westchester).

The package is comprised of the following bills:

S656: Authorizes the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to designate organized fishing events to provide physical and emotional rehabilitation for current and former members of the armed forces. A fishing license would not be required to participate.

S1728: Make the desecration of a veterans grave site, regardless of the value of the damaged or stolen property a class E felony.

S2421: Allows ballots of deceased military personnel to be counted toward the election for which they were cast even if the person dies before the election.

S1431: Gives the authority to the Adjutant General to present a burial flag to those who have served in the New York Guard.

S1504: Prohibits the unauthorized sale, purchase or transfer of any cemetery marker, flag holder, monument, statue or other physical memorabilia that is over 75 years old that commemorates the life or death of a veteran or groups of veterans.

S2424A: Establishes the “New York State Veterans Cemetery Act”, to conduct an investigation and study on establishing a New York State veterans cemetery.

S3484: Extends the program established in 1996 which offers tuition waivers and incentive benefits that service personnel may receive until March 31, 2017. The program was set to expire on March 31, 2011.

S3900: Protects mourners at military funerals by prohibiting disruptive behavior, such as protests, 500 feet of a funeral service for a military service person who died while serving.


Anonymous said...

All good, somewhat useless, like the fishing bill. Hey! I've got a great idea! Why doesn't our Great Politicians enact a bill that would guarantee our VETS with REAL JOB SECURITY, REAL MENTAL HEALTH ASSISTANCE, REAL MEDICAL HELP, Not like they were getting in that disgracefull Military hospital in 2008. A REAL HOUSING BILL FOR THEM, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. How about the politicians stop giving themselves $700 Bagels, and use REAL MONEY ON THEM, and their families. If I sound Angry, you're damn skippy I am! If these legislators really give a REAL DAMN, give our vets what they really need. But then again, look at the screwed up job our politicians did helping our 9/01 HEROES. I truly believe that every politician should be required to serve at least 6 to 12 months in a hot zone I truly believe most would all of sudden have GRAVE MEDICAL CONDITIONS. Just like our great hunter Dick Cheany. 5 Deferments, but a great hunter is he...

Boogiedowner said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for your service to our nation.