Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BoogieDowner Statistic of the Day: Daily Department of Homeless Services Shelter Population Figures as of March 3rd 2011

Even though I do not get involved with apartment rentals I was intrigued by an individual who came in to our office yesterday with a housing voucher from the NYC DHCR "Work Advantage" Program. The program is a subsidy given to individuals or families presently living in the NYC Shelter system. They are given a subsidy to help them move out of the NYC shelter system. Besides his not fitting into the typical image or stereotype of a homeless individual, he had a great credit score and no criminal record. If he had the down payment I could have put him into a property. If you had seen how he presented himself in attire and demeanor you would have assumed he was an executive rather then someone living in our NYC shelter system. Meeting him enticed me to do some research on DHCR the rent subsidy program and statistics about homelessness in our city. Is this a segment of the population in our shelters? While browsing the NYC Department of Housing Services (DHS) website I came across the following statistic posted related to who is presently in the NYC shelter system. Please see below;

Families with Children: 8,364
Adult Families: 1,131
Single Adults: 8,822

Total Individuals 37,725

For those wishing to confirm the numbers here is the DHCR web site were the statistics is posted;

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Anonymous said...

"Total Individuals $37,725"

Are these Dollars or People?