Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Listing of the Day: BBQ On the Run

Roaming Address - 0 bedrooms, 0 bathrooms, but one helluva kitchen - $89,995

As city dwellers, most of us daydream of having a nice outdoor space to fire up a BBQ, crack open a cold one, and cook up some nice comfort food. Well, if you've got enough balls (and cash), you can fulfill that dream by snatching up the Mo Gridder's Competition BBQ Trailer, which has been featured on many Food Network programs and is quite well-known to foodies in the NYC metro area.

No word on what's actually happening with the business...We were surprised to see that the newish restaurant annex of Mo Gridder's in the Belmont section of the Bronx was closed when we walked past on a Saturday night during prime dinner hours recently. Their website says the restaurant is closed for renovations, but geez, since the place opened a few years ago it seems that it's been closed more than it's been open.

Well, if any of you readers end up buying this baby, please do invite us over for some ribs and pulled pork soon.

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immortal_pets said...

The Belmont Mo Gridders was, for a while, a night spot for Fordham students. The place was consistently crowded and I think it may have gotten busted a few times.