Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photo of the Day

Why Would You Cover That?
I was walking along Hull Avenue the other day and checking out the houses along the block when I noticed that a piece of siding/cover of sorts had come down and exposed the following gorgeous (albeit beat up) architectural detail:Here's a full shot of the home:And here's a shot of the house next door, whose owners chose to leave the detailing uncovered:
Photos by ErLu


Anonymous said...

It's Architecture 101, BoogieDowner: to highlight and set off the satellite dishes mounted atop a portico, you cover up your fancy cornice work. Duh.

Anonymous said...

We live in a generation where quantity takes precedence over quality. More and cheaper is better than contextual and beautiful, at least when it comes to our housing and architecture. Most of what has been built in The Bronx and the city in the past couple of decades is either cheap or mass produced. Now we have so called "Fedders specials" which developers call luxury houses, but are about as appealing as a ball of lint, with green lawns paved over to park our SUVs, little or no open outdoor space, cheap building materials, and small rooms. Take a good look at these old architectural gems you like to photograph for this website, they will never be build here again.