Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Case of Placard Abuse by a Bronx Pol

Seems like our Bronx politicians just can't stop abusing their parking placards...It appears that Assemblymember Vanessa L. Gibson takes her parking cues from Pedro Espada Jr. and threw a placard on her vehicle while dangerously parked blocking a bike lane. A BD Reader sent in the below tip yesterday, complete with photos:

I was pedaling along on this beautiful Monday morning, taking advantage of the great new bike lane DOT installed on the Grand Concourse. Then, all of a sudden, I came up on a car illegally blocking the entire bike lane! After the tragic loss of Megan Charlop here in the Bronx, which was widely covered by the media, you would think our elected officials would be a little more mindful about cyclist safety. Not Assemblymember Gibson!

So, in order to park only a few feet from the front door of her office, she parked her car with official Assembly plates smack dab in the middle of the bike lane. As usual, we have yet another elected official taking advantage of a parking placard and the lack of lawful conduct among New York's um... "Finest???" to put the lives of others at risk for her own minor convenience.

Note that Assemblymember Gibson touts her credentials in Criminology. I don't care how many fancy degrees she has in crime fighting, parking outside her district office does not constitute "Official Police Business," as her placard claims, and use of the placard to block the bike lane is officially illegal.

Perhaps we should ask her to explain how it improves safety and the relationship between the police and the community when our elected officials blatantly break the law in broad daylight, and the cops do nothing about it!

Thanks for sharing BD Reader!



Jack said...

Not surprising that Gibson is following the lead of her good friend Pedro Espada. See this link for a picture of her with Mamaroneck Pedro at Pedro's infamous Dr. King Day event:


I say infamous because Westchester Pete compared himself to Dr. King:

Guywithacause said...

No surprises here. The Bronx will never change until we get honest, effective leadership. The never ending parade of Democratic lackies, divisive politics, and self-serving incompetence only ensures that the Bronx and its residents will continue to suffer for the foreseeable future.

With total and complete buffoons like Ruben Diaz and Pedro Espada making a complete mockery of themselves and the Bronx, how can we ever mover forward?

Anonymous said...

Query: What "official police business" does a NYS Assemblywoman have? Why does she even have such a placard? Is she entitled to a placard for "police business"? If so, what is the stated rationale for giving them out to politicians?

Anonymous said...

Should've just slashed her tires

Anonymous said...

Guess she apologized:


Anonymous said...

Simple question: Where did she get the placard, and why was she not punished for illegally using it.?

Guywithacause said...

You will not receive an answer as to why she has an "official police business" placard. Why? Because she doesn't have to answer to you, or I, or anyone, or so she thinks.

Nothing new here people...same old Bronx politicians raping the system and exploiting the Bronx for their own benefit. As low as my expectations are for the Bronx's elected officials, they always seem to find a way to reach even lower.

CA3 said...

Politicians tend to hold very little respect in communities simply because talk is all they can really do. This is mainly because they're just as financially inept as the people they claim to serve and they're in a field that uses language so cheaply. Though I'm sure the apology is welcome it's clearly just for show and lacking in any real sincerity. I have the utmost confidence that she will resume her poor parking habits, rather than adjusting her behavior accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa Gibson is proving to be another disappointment for the Bronx. So soon after she gets elected, she starts abusing the perks of her job, and covers for it with half-hearted excuse making.

Even though I had hope for Vanessa Gibson because she didn't simply inherit her office from a crooked political relative, I have nonetheless always felt that it would only be a matter of time before Vanessa Gibson became "just another Albany crook". Unfortunately, now I am beginning to worry that she'll become just like the rest of them, way sooner than I had imagined. I mean, "official police business"???

Too bad we never get any choices in Bronx elections. I don't have a lot of faith in the political future of our borough.