Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Feds, IRS Raid Soundview (Espada's Week From Hell Continues)

The Washington Post (from the AP) is reporting that FBI and IRS agents have raided Pedro Espada's Soundview HealthCare Network a day after AG Cuomo released a damaging complaint against Espada's shady financial dealing with Soundview. Is this another investigation to add to the ever growing list?

Agents were seen removing boxes, files, and campaign materials from Soundview.

Let's see what the big boys find!

Just resign already, Petey. Just resign.


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Jack said...

I'm looking forward to the BD "For Those On the Hunt..."

Bedford Park - 201st Street. 2 bedroom, immaculate condition --as if no one has lived there in 3 years. Anxious seller. Should be able to make a deal.