Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Yankee Stadium Demolition Pics

There's a series of aerial photos on Gothamist (via WCBS) of the ongoing demolition of the old Yankee stadium.

There is even an entire website, DemolitionofYankeeStadium [dot] com, if you are craving more detailed coverage. Well, at least High Bridge can get a replacement community park sooner rather than later now.



GAX in the Bronx said...

it's disgusting that it's taking so long to tear this thing down. the web site to view is not about the demolition, but this one:

in particular, read the actual agreement signed by Bronx elected officials. nothing that they signed to was done.... no monitoring committees, payments by the yankees, etc.

the bottom line? the bronx has been scammed by the richest sports franchise in the world and the City of NY, facilitated by elected officials who turned their backs.

Anonymous said...

Its disgusting that you and the ciy are ok with tearing down this landmarks. shame on you.