Thursday, June 10, 2010

Listing of the Day: Belmont Share and the Mussolini

Crescent Avenue at Hughes - 2 bedrooms -$1350/month

This is a perfect share for those on a budget (i.e. grad students) or just getting started. Only $675 per roommie makes this apartment rather affordable. The unit itself looks pretty nice and the hood has
lots to offer.

Now on to the traditional BD Belmont praise and salivation (now with NY Magazine's shout out to Mike's Deli's "Mussolini"):

Belmont is an ideal hood for the foodie in all of us. There are butchers, cheese shops, fish mongers, bakeries, and fresh pasta shops up and down 187th and Arthur Avenue.

This hood is very close to the Bronx Zoo and the NY Botanical Garden for fun. Fordham University is also a neighborhood presence with tons of cultural things to offer, and lectures, and lots of goofy white kids in the neighborhood. Another added bonus from Fordham University, on top of stability, beauty and the top notch education it brings to the hood, is A-10 division one hoops.

BD Restaurant rundown: My favorite 187th restaurant is Tra Di Noi, but to be honest if you lived here you would be REQUIRED to go to Emilia's on Arthur Ave. - simply the best! And try to get a table at Mayor Bloomberg's beloved Roberto's on Crescent Ave. - very good, but in my opinion, a tad overrated. For brick oven pizza everyone raves about Zero Otto Novo, because it is owned by Roberto of the aforementioned Bloomy favorite, but ErLu prefers Antonio's, which is tucked away on Crescent Avenue. There is a whole host of other restaurants to stop at, but we can't give a review of each...take a trip up here and start eating your way through the hood. Whatever you do, DO NOT waste your money on Umberto's Clam House.

For those who like to cook at home there's the indoor retail market, Borgatti's for ravioli, the Pasta Factory for stuffed shells and tortellini, Casa Della Mozzarella for, you guessed it, mozzarella, and Calandra's for general cheese purchases (although their Mozzarella has been reported to be sub par recently). There are also nice wine stores and great delis like Mike's in the retail market - don't mind the laminated photo of Mussolini hanging in the back - and Tino's. [n.b. the "Mussolini at Mike's just made NY Mag's top 101 NYC sandwiches - a very respectable 41]

The BX12 bus runs down Fordham Rd. to the B/D at Grand Concourse and further to the 4 at Jerome Ave. There is also a Metro-North station at the Fordham stop at Fordham Rd. and Webster Ave. that can get you in to Grand Central in 18 minutes.



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Anonymous said...

Joe's Deli on 187 Street, a few doors west of Terranova (best bread) is a lot better than Mike's - and a lot cleaner. At least they don't touch meat and money with the same ungloved hands.