Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Snooki on the Hunt

It came to light yesterday via Page Six that Jersey Shore's Snooki is looking to get an apartment in the Bronx because of her perceived preponderance of guidos in our beloved borough.

Curbed even suggested (or expected) the ole BD to switch its tagline to "There's loads of Guidos here!"

I wonder where she will look? What's the most guido-riffic hood in the BoogieDown? Belmont? Morris Park? Throggs Neck?

In any case, if you read this through a google alert, Snooks, the BoogieDowner wants an interview. And maybe you can get us an interview with the Bronx native and fellow JS cast member, Ronnie.

In the mean time, be sure to make use of the BD's "For Those On the Hunt" feature. It might make your search a little easier. You're welcome.



Anonymous said...

New Jersey can have her, I mean really she belongs there. The Bronx has enough of it's own problems. God I hope thier 15 minutes are up after this coming seasons episodes !

Guywithacause said...

The guido/guidette population is really not what it used to be in Brooklyn or the Bronx anymore..if she is looking for guido's she will do better in Staten Island, NJ, or Long Island for that matter.

Anonymous said...

If she's moving to The Bronx, I would be the first to give her a grand tour of the borough. From the South Bronx to the all the way up to Riverdale.

One thing I would recommend though, "The Situation" better stay out of The Bronx.

Jersey Shore Snooki said...

Personally i don't see why everyone hates her!