Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tirado To Take Forced Leave of Absence

We just wanted to post a commentary/follow up to the story broken by BxNN about state Senate candidate Fernando Tirado taking a forced leave of absence from CB7. While we understand the board's decision (district manager is a different species of job than, say, working at the Gap), it just makes us feel a bit despondent over the current state of politics; it seems like CB7 is feeding into the current political culture. The odds continue to be stacked against any working middle class person running for office. Does a candidate have to be independently wealthy, work for a political activism outlet, or have a health clinic from which to bilk funds to afford running for office?

Thankfully, Mr. Tirado is moving forward with his campaign and slowly but surely gathering the requisite petitions to secure a ballot slot. If you are interested in supporting his campaign, please visit his website or his ActBlue account.


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