Friday, June 18, 2010

Bronx International Film Festival Continues

Make sure you get to Lehman College over the next few days to check out the Bronx International Film Festival. Tickets are only $5! For more info see the festival's website. Any reactions from the first night?

So here's today's sample clip:

Film: With Anchovies Without Mamma, Director: Thomas Justino

With Anchovies Without Mamma - Trailer from Thomas Justino on Vimeo.


Cosimo Lechesi’s world was torn out from under him when his dear old “Mamma” suddenly died due to a slip up at a local pizzeria. What was to be a plain cheese pizza shared for supper between mother and son, turned into a fatal mistake by an inattentive pie guy. An unfortunate anchovy lurked with the clinched hand of fate. Mamma was gone. Her physical aversion to the fish was too much to overcome.

Following Mamma’s death, Cosimo found his existence consumed by feelings of guilt and confusion. Each day that passed, new questions haunted him. Pushed to his limits by these feelings, Cosmio decided he was going to seek retribution for his loss. On the anniversary of Mamma’s passing, an order was placed at the pizzeria responsible for the incident. LARGE PIE WITH ONE be delivered.

Scott Conti, a down on his luck delivery boy, would quickly realize that his luck was about to get much worse. What had begun as just one of those run of the mill “bad nights”, thin tips and bottom rung runs, would soon become a nightmare the likes only experienced by Dante during his descent through the Inferno. The Large Pie with one anchovy, his delivery and his bloody cross to bear. Scott arrived at the house to find himself staring down the barrel of a wild west pistol and into the eyes of a man who was lost, and desperately seeking closure.

Master crime writer Cecil Garret prepares to weave these events into a tapestry of hard boiled prose, as the incident is analyzed by those that were affected by this fateful night. With Anchovies...Without Mamma is an investigative look at love, loss, pizza and the depth of circumstance.


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