Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Fancy Pants Eatery on Eastchester Road

Daniel Roberts of has a little piece about a fancy new restaurant named Pine Bar and Grill, which just recently opened in the southeastern corner of Morris Park at 1634 Eastchester Road. It sounds pretty nice. Here's an excerpt:
The establishment has a valet service, ample dining space and bar inside two floors. But most inviting of all, a rooftop cafe with greenery, a bar, and umbrella-sheltered tables. After a quiet “soft opening” the week before, Pine Bar & Grill had its festive grand opening on Wednesday night, June 2. Numerous members of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce showed up to help kick off the new business, and many people couldn’t stop raving about the menu’s offerings, which manager Jennifer Francica said matches its posh decor.
It will be a while before ErLu's life returns to a semblance of normalcy and affords us an opportunity for a date night. Thus, we need BD operatives to scope out the joint and report back to see if Pine Bar and Grill is worth our precious date night dollars. Has anybody been to F&J Pine, the other Bastone family eatery?

"Bronx Chamber Helps in Grand Opening of Pine Bar and Grill"
[Daniel Roberts,]



Lis said...

It is not new... it has been in that same location since I moved to the Morris Park area seven years ago. It was closed at one point, so it could possibly be under new management? This new management has to be an improvement, though! I have heard horrible things about it from friends about waiting to get a table, service, and the food, so I have yet to set foot in that place.

Anonymous said...

I had gone to the Pines on Eastchester Rd. with friends and will never go there again. Their eggplant parmasan was the worst we had ever tried to eat. It was not cooked,layers very thick, no cheese or sauce between layers, only a little on top. I wrote the restaurant, and as of yet, one month later no response. I would not even refer an enemy to go there.