Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Date Night by Mama Pat and Uncle Nunzio, Emilia's Style

So the missus and I were granted a childless date night to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary (thank you Lizard), and we decided to go back to the scene of the crime.

You see, we held our rehearsal dinner at Emilia's on Arthur Avenue (the nuptials were celebrated at Fordham University Church). We had dined at Emilia's before our wedding preparations, but we had such a lovely time and were treated so well at the rehearsal dinner that we've become lifers. We're always warmly welcomed and treated like family. Pat usually calls us "the kids."

I must admit it was rather nice this summer when we went out to eat with the whole family. The Yankees were in town and the place was packed with Westchester folks fresh from the stadium and Pat gave us a table without our waiting (much to the chagrin of a bitchy looking rich white lady from Scarsdale, or some other homogeneous environs, who appeared thoroughly aggrieved by being bumped).

the veal parm...delish

Now there are a lot of worthy candidates for your Arthur Avenue dollars (Antonio's, Roberto, Zero Otto Nove, Tra Di Noi, Dominick's, et al), but we give the overwhelming BoogieDowner stamp of approval to Emilia's.

The food is consistent, delicious, and reasonably priced. We always share the hot antipasta della casa; the missus always gets the veal parmigiana; and I am a sucker for their pork braciola. The tartufo (aka bomba) is a must for dessert. You can actually view their full menu complete with prices here.

Pat's munificence continued on our most recent anniversary meal, when she sent over a glass of wine for me and a dessert for the missus (no wine for the one who is laden with child).

So in short, if you are debating as to where to eat on Arthur Avenue for a babyless date night, let Pat and her husband Nunzio do the heavy lifting. Tell them "the kids" sent you.

Emilia's Restaurant
2331 Arthur Avenue
*reservations are recommended if you're planning on dining during primetime dinner hours during the weekend



anthony rivieccio said...

You guys are right!

While Arthur Ave gets much of my "diversified money" over let my "Guest" chosse the short, no matter where you go, the food is excellent (and Im a veal parm fan too)

And Yes, some Guests of mine enjoy Emilia's......(The Kids huh....)...LOL

Give them my best......and tell them Dont Change

Anonymous said...

I learned about Emilia's from Sister Barbara Lenninger, the founder of the Thorpe Family Shelters. Not only is the food at Emilia's the best, but they support community projects.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bitchy looking rich white lady from Scarsdale is community minded as well. Judge not....

liz said...

Hey Lou, thanks for the shout out!! And I have to agree, Emilia's is one of my favorite places on Arthur Ave!!!
...Love: Lizard

jacob said...

I remember getting bumped by you that time.

OK, my hair was long and my man-boobs had grown due to lack of exercise and too much bolognese, but I am not a lady. Nor I am I from Scarsdale. Nor am I rich.

I'll give you the "bitchy-looking" and "white" parts, though.