Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LIfe at the Clock Tower

The ole BD has always been a bit intrigued by the Clock Tower building on Lincoln Avenue in Mott Haven. The nabe immediately surrounding the Clock Tower certainly has some cool things going for it (Bruckner Bar and Grill, Alexander's, Bronx Hydro and Garden, a handful of antique stores, and good transportation options) and the building itself is kind of unique (a converted piano factory). A little further afield in Mott Haven you also have Pio Pio and Santa Clarita.

We'd never been inside the Clock Tower itself, even though it was profiled in a handful of our Listings of the Day. Well a few days ago a reader named Javi posted a comment on a rather old LOD from the infancy of the BD (August 2008) to sing the Clock Tower's praises. Just thought we'd pass it along and maybe try to elicit some other people's Clock Tower experiences.

Here's Javi's take:
I moved into the Clock tower this past March. As I was researching the place on-line I stumbled across your website, which I've been enjoying ever since. I must say that I enjoy living here. The management company is really working on improving the grounds with a planned dog run and community garden in the back. There are first floor apartments that are duplexes as well as a thriving artist scene. I recently met one of the tenants who is actively involved with the local community Council and of course, you've got the rooftop deck and gym. I hope this helps if you're in the market or considering this place :)
So does anyone else live (or have lived) in the Clock Tower? What's your take?



The Mayor of Melrose said...

hmmmm...last I was there the walls were paper thin between the units :(

Anonymous said...

In the Winter of 2003, there were several news stories about residents there on a rent strike because of shoddy construction, heat probs, etc. Dunno how they've fared since...

Also, there was a hipster who had been priced out of Bushwick who resettled there and was shilling for the owners. He wound up being a guide to Joe Berger at the NYT when he wrote his piece about - ahem - "SoBro" as the new Williamsburg.