Monday, June 14, 2010

Bronx International Film Festival Countdown

The old BD will be doing a little countdown to the Bronx International Film Festival which starts Thursday June 17th and runs to Saturday June 19th. Each day leading up to the festival we'll post a clip and a little synopsis to whet your appetite. For more info see the festival's website.

So here's the first sample clip:

Film: the Scavenger, Director: Erik Spink

The Scavenger: Trailer from Erik Spink on Vimeo.


The Scavenger is the story of Joseph Garagalo, a WWII veteran who was in the 121st Battalion, U.S.N. Sea Bees, 4th Marine Division. Many years after his service during the war, he decided that his community was not doing enough to remember those who sacrificed for freedom. So he set out to create The Bronx Veterans Museum. The only problem was that no one wanted to give the museum a dedicated space. After many months of struggle, a very unlikely home opened its doors to a fellow American hero.


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