Thursday, March 25, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Some NYC neighborhoods (including Soundview) have not returned any census forms as of yet... [New York Times, WNYC]
BD NOTE: Step up your game Soundview! It's disgraceful that not ONE household has mailed back a census form yet...There's a ton of dough at stake for our hoods in terms of federal aid. Why haven't the elected officials and community board members who are Soundview residents sent their forms back yet?
The MTA has approved $93 million in service cuts which will go into effect in June [New York Times, BxNN]

A 24-year-old boxer living in East Tremont will be competing in the Daily News Golden Gloves boxing championship tomorrow night [Daily News]

Livin' the life at Orchard Beach... [New York Times]

A profile of the Riverdale CSA [Riverdale Press]



Anonymous said...

Maybe the census response is partially a problem with the local post office, rather than just the residents.

It wouldn't be the first time a post office in the Bronx wasn't getting the job done!

Guywithacause said...

Hmm..I received my census and promptly filled it out. It is still sitting on my table, sealed and ready to be mailed, a week later. I am guilty as charged. I will mail it back tomorrow...I hope.

Anonymous said...

I filled mine out and mailed it the same day I got it.
My boyfriend refuses to fill his out. He says he wants to stay "off the radar" and doesn't want the government knowing his business. He says its for jury duty. Dumb.

Lothar said...


I assume your boyfriend has a driver's license. That puts him on the radar. If he works and pays taxes, he's also on the radar. If he is unlucky enough to become unemployed and files for unemployment, he'll be on the radar. His social security number puts him on the radar.

The purpose of the census is to determine how many people live in a certain area so that resources can be assigned there to improve infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, schools etc. Your representation in the city, state and federal government directly depends on the result of this census. Please talk him into filling out the census form.

Anonymous said...

Why doesen't Senator Diaz jump in his noisemaker hoopdee that he trolls around in for campaigning to voice the importance of filling out and sending in the census!! What is his "congregation" so busy doing that they cannot sound the alarm?!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the error is either with the Post Office or with the Census Bureau. Were the forms printed and mailed? Were they delivered? I got two letters and two forms. Someone is responsible. I don't think all the residents of one area conspired to boycott the census.

Anonymous said...

If the citizens of the poor areas of The Bronx are properly represented, and accounted for, why would they need our politicians token handouts on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Election Day.

Guywithacause said...

Anonymous this has nothing to do with the "poor" areas anywhere. If you read the article, across the city, from even the wealthiest communities, few, if any, census forms have been returned. Thanks for blaming the poor though..clearly it is their fault...everything is huh?

As for handouts, look to your wonderfully wealthy corporations who spend millions for handouts from the government. They are so well represented and wealthy, why do they spend so much time begging for handouts?

Education = Empowerment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Gov't should threaten to cut off their cable if they don't return their census forms!