Monday, March 15, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Hunts Point residents are hopeful as the City announces plans to cancel its contract with New York Organic Fertilizer Company, which has long emitted a stench that one person says is akin to "a decaying body" [New York Times, Daily News, and Hunts Point Express via BxNN]

As the opening of the movie 'City Island' approaches this weekend, the editor of The Island Current culls together a history of filmings on the island [New York Times]

Still on 'City Island,' Julianna Margulies and Andy Garcia are interviewed regarding the film []

Espada's Senate coup is costing taxpayers $7.4 million - $700,000 for Pedro's staff alone []

Just in case the previous story didn't get y'all fired up enough, Espada will be hosting a "Town Hall Meeting" on March 21st...the only glitch is he won't be here in the Bronx -- it's a virtual Town Hall Meeting live from Albany [Gotham Gazette]
BD Note: Big ups to BD Reader Jack for sending in these Espada items. Jack also located this YouTube video of Espada announcing this "historic" event. The only thing more that would be more historic would be if Espada actually deigned to show up in the Bronx to hear his constituents' concerns!
Thanks to high poverty rates, the South Bronx is home to residents who are both excessively hungry, while at the same time excessively overweight [New York Times]

Richard Izquieardo Arroyo, grandson of Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo and nephew of Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, has admitted to embezzling $115,000 from the Bronx non-profit he headed up [Mott Haven Herald via BxNN]

A new Irish theater company set up shop this weekend in Riverdale's An Beal Bocht Cafe []

After moving to an assisted-living residence in the Bronx, the Trinidadian 'Limbo King' Mike Quashie is reunited with one of his former dancers who now works as a nurse [New York Times]



Anonymous said...

"Questions for Senator Espada can be submitted in advance..."

Right. That way anything that's potentially negative can be screened out, and everything can be thoroughly scripted.

Just more spin and disregard for his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Pedro did show up in the Bronx - at the Coop where he claims to live - and actually spent Saturday night there. Guess the lights were out in Mamaroneck.

Anonymous said...

Why is Espada not in prison yet? Or is this just some practical joke being played on the constituents? Seriously, did he break the law? Is he really being investigated? This isn't exactly the Teflon Don we're talking about here. Either he's guilty of some crime or not. Otherwise feel free to vote him out at the next election. This is the result of poor voter involvement in who we choose to represent us- The what can I do?-I'm just one voter syndrome.

Jay Shuffield said...

I just submitted this question for Espada's town hall:

"Dear Senator Espada,

How do you know what your constituents need and want so you can represent them, when nobody from your staff ever attends community board meetings?"

We can see if it gets included.

Robert Taft Lincoln said...

To Jay Shuefield:
Your claim about Espada's Staff not attending Community Board Meetings is not true and not correct!!
The Senator always has Staff to attend these meetings, there are 4 Community Boards in his
district :5,6,7,8 and everyone Community Board meeting is being attended. Maybe you should attend some time, so you can see the Espada staff there. The attendance logs don't lie! Espada's staff is there! Try and show up to one of them instead of making misrepresenations here!

Boogiedowner said...

@ Robert Taft Lincoln:
I cannot speak for community board meetings, I can only speak for Bedford Mosholu Community Association meetings which I attend monthly...Espada staffers have only deigned to attend ONE meeting since he's been in office. Espada has been invited to attend as a guest speaker on numerous occasions and always cancels. The meetings are held right around the corner from his supposed Bronx residence.

Jay Shuffield said...

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

I would suggest you check your facts before accusing others of "making misrepresenations."

I not only "attend some time," I am a member of Bronx Community Board Seven. I have had no absences.

I can state for a fact that nobody represented Senator Espada's office at the meeting of Bronx Community Board Seven last night.
Community Board Seven is fully contained in the 33rd Senate District, and it covers the majority of the district. Nobody has represented the Senator's office for several months in a row.

Those are the facts.

Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't hold your breath.

He didn't answer that, or any other question that seemed remotely critical.

I'm sure you're completely surprised, right?

Robert Taft Lincoln said...

Anonymous,it took me a while to answer because I don't spend my time looking at Blogs, and most people never rad these pages.

Bedford Mosholu Community Association meetings are important, but I am not sure every political figure attends them regularly or that they must attend them. Sheffield: You can speak for your community board (7), but you can't speak for the others.
and if anonymous thinks I am intimidated by not responding sooner to Mr. Sheffield here, I could care less what you think, quite frankly! In fact...who reads Boog Downer? Not even a third of The Bronx bothers with this Blog.

Robert Taft Lincoln said...

If people use this blog because they wish to criminalize public officials the way a lot of you do...that is your prerogative. But I will not criminalize ANYONE!!!!!
You want to slander, and disparage elected officials, go have a blast. I will not go in for that kind of drivel, pardon me.
It is interesting how people of color are mistreated by a good number of bloggers here. I guess the white robes with hoods can't help but surface from your depths of racial bigotry. try living in the real world folks! You'll be at peace when God permeates your souls and hearts,and you will be able to criticize politicians without accusing them outright of being thugs, crooks, criminals, of thieves. Is it any wonder the same blogger-commentators write on this Blog? That is a small group I must say, and this is a terrific site.

Jay Shuffield said...

Dear Mr. Taft,

We should expect each of our elected officials to represent all of us. They can't do that if they don't send their staff to the meetings where members of the community come to voice their concerns.

And for the record, the only "white robe" I have ever been associated with was worn by the African American monk who performed our wedding ceremony on the South Side of Chicago!