Monday, March 1, 2010

Hidden Sit Down Mexican Option on 204th Street

Big ups to BD reader Dana W. for sending in the following tip for great Mexican cuisine on 204th Street...We have to admit that we've walked past this place (Mexicana Deli Grocery) a million times, but have never actually gone in. Who would have thought there was seating in the back? Sweet!

If you're searching for AUTHENTIC Mexican cuisine (not within a Chinese take-out -- no offense), I'm in love with a cute little place on 339 E. 204th Street between Decatur and Hull Avenues. The tacos ARE AWESOME! Real deal cooking! There are sit-down tables in the back although you'd have to pass the grocery section in front. I'm in heaven!
Can't wait to give it a try - Thanks Dana!



Jack said...

Another great Mexican option just south of this place (with a sit down area in the rear as well) is OK Mr. Pancho at 2871 Webster Avenue, just below Bedford Park.

I've had some great vegetable burritos there. My carnivore colleagues report the meat items are good as well.

Boogiedowner said...

ErLu loves Mr. Pancho! We indulge almost every Friday evening (except now during Lent! We are carnivores...)

Definitely a nice addition to the Webster Avenue eating options.

Michelle said...

Renya on University Ave btwn Burnside & 179th...very good. They are mainly a Dominican restaurant but have some Mexican items on the menu too. Very good tacos and delicious guac.

Jordan Moss said...

I've always loved this place. Awesome tortas.