Monday, March 8, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Coverage of BP Ruben Diaz Jr.'s State of the Borough address on Friday [NY1]
BD Note: We're looking forward to seeing some more local coverage of Diaz's address (looking @ you, BxNN) with further details as to what was said regarding the development of the Kingsbridge Armory. NY1 states only that Diaz reported that he created a task force to examine the future of the Armory. This is the update we've been waiting nearly three months for? The creation of a task force...really?
A family engages in a modern day family feud of sorts...The owner of Artuso Pastry Shop on Belmont Avenue is suing his grandson, who owns a bakery on McLean Avenue in Yonkers, over a website domain name [New York Times]

A Bronxite who writes a film and television blog is pissed about the Cablevision/WABC feud [FlickFilosopher]
BD Note: Hear, hear Flick Folosopher! This nonsense with Cablevision hits Bronxites harder than anyone else because we literally have no other options -- they have a complete monopoly. What they are doing lately with WABC, HGTV, and Food Network seems downright illegal. Lou and I have often gotten fired up enough to say: "Let's do it - let's pull the plug on these greedy fuckers!" And then we sit there and go over our options and get burnt out and just continue to pay Cablevision for their crappy service. We currently do the "Triple Play" package, which includes phone, cable, and internet. I know that we could conceivably get a digital converter and hook up to our building's antenna for basic channels, but then what about phone and internet service? Any suggestions for finding CHEAP phone and high-speed internet access? I understand WABC is back on the air as of last night, but I'm really sick of being a pawn in these mega-corporations' greedy games.
Robert Carter, a gay Jesuit priest who helped found the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, died in the Bronx February 22nd []

KOH Architecture has been working to convert old, unused buildings to emergency housing facilities [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

A fire which broke out at St. Nicholas of Tolentine on Friday has been labeled as suspicious [Daily News]

A profile of Casa Amadeo, the oldest Latin music store in the BoogieDown [Daily News]

35 chickens that have been living in a parking lot in Highbridge have been captured and will be released to an animal sanctuary upstate [Daily News]'s 'Keep America Working Tour' recently rolled through the Bronx and attracted over 2,000 job seekers [NY1]


1 comment:

Guywithacause said...

Yup..good 'ol Ruben Diaz still playing games with us. After all these months and promsies about his "better plan"..what do we get? "I am creating a task force." Transalation: I dunno what I am doing and will buy some more time while I do nothing.

But anyone with a brain knows he never had a plan for this Armory, just grandstanding for votes to keep himself in office...regardless of whether it is good or bad for the Bronx.

And now he is pushing for a hotel which will attract jobs? REALLY? I wonder what the wages will be for the few jobs created?????? I thought the Bronx was too good for low-wage jobs remember? Why bring in more low-wage service jobs remember!!!!!!!!!!!! Earth to Ruben!!! Anyone home?

Diaz is sinking this borough..he has NO vision, NO plan, NO leadership, and NO brains. I may have to create an anti-Ruben website at this point to get him out of office. I will be taking prospective names:,,, any other names?