Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did the Decatur Avenue Fire Involve Illegal Rooming Houses?

A BD Reader sent in some interesting statistics regarding the fire that took place on Friday on Decatur Avenue at 204th Street...
The Red Cross twittered that they assisted 31 people at the fire on Decatur:

The fire affected at most 3 houses. That would be more than 10 people per house! Perhaps they helped people from some surrounding houses in case they couldn't get back in?

Still - it makes it sound like the house was converted as an illegal rooming house. There was a complaint to the Department of Buildings in 2007 that the house was being converted to illegal rooming apartments. As usual, the Department of Buildings worker closed out the complaint after stopping by twice (or at least saying he did...) and nobody answered the door:
Wow, 31 people in three houses? Certainly smells fishy. Sounds like the DOB dropped the ball on this one...Nice research BD Reader!



Anonymous said...

It was the first fire that "smelled fishy"...

(burnt the fish market!)

Decatur Traffic Lawyer said...

You know there's a small town in central New York named Decatur. Off-topic, but that's what actually landed me here at your blog. Interesting article though, and nice setup here.