Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Ol' BD on BronxTalk

This Monday night Lou had the pleasure of joining Ed Garcia Conde of Welcome2Melrose on Gary Axelbank's BronxTalk. Lou and Ed discussed blogging in the BoogieDown. If you've got spring fever and are looking to kill time at work, click the video below to check out the program!



Jay Shuffield said...

What about the Bronx blogs like The Bronx Truth Newsline by your reader "Robert Taft Lincoln":

It's an interesting blog!

It is interesting that it really seems to comprises only articles supporting a few particular politicians.

It is also interesting that comments are effectively prohibited. Apparently their "truth" is also the final word?

What seems really interesting is that the profile for Mr. "Lincoln" states:
"Occupation: Newspaper reporter".

I am not sure I understand how someone supports himself as a "newspaper reporter" without a single byline showing up anywhere on the internet.

In fact, the only place this "Robert Lincoln" seems to appear is in a few poorly-written comments attacking columns by Elizabeth Benjamin at the Daily News when she comments on a few particular politicians.

There's nothing wrong with commenting on a column, but it's not journalism. Nor is it an occupation.

It all makes you wonder what really is the truth about "Robert Taft Lincoln" and "The Bronx Truth Newsline".

Robert Taft Lincoln said...

Jay Shuffield: With all due respect for you, it is not up to you to tell us what journalism is these days. How i make a living in journalism is for me to know and for you to try to find out...but I live, and I let others live.
Journalism is about writing of the events, issues of this day and age, and reporting on them.
While I have nothing against Ms. Liz Benajmin, I am no fan of her blog. So what, right?
In my news line, I live, and I let others live. We don't tell anybody what is what nor do we make assumptions about anybody or anything. Not allowing comments on my news line is not new nor unique. It's still free speech. Nobody cares what you think of this practice, to be frank with you. You don't think your favoirte daily -the Daily News stifles reader's opinions? Oh yes..I'll admit they have sunk to the lowest common denominator by allowing salty remakrs on their blogs...but who reads the Daily News? According the NEWS, just 600,000 people read the tabloid. There are 8 million people in New York City, and thankfully most of them know the Daily News is not the only game in Town.
You are FREE to read other news papers and news lines. More power to you. Stay well, and thank you for your comments.
I can say I thank God I have tolerance for lots of opinions, and I have more tolerance than you, that's for sure, but thank you for commenting on the Bronx Truth Newsline.

Boogiedowner said...

Looks like you're hooked on the ol' BD Mr. Lincoln!

Jay Shuffield said...

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

I note you posted about this on your blog as well:
I don't have time to address all the inaccuracies and errors you posted there.

Let me simply ask again why, if you tell the "truth" about people on your blog, you don't offer an opportunity for them to respond when you write about them? You certainly take advantage of that opportunity here on the BD. How is that not hypocritical?

I have no problem with a healthy back-and-forth discussion. As part of a public discussion, let me challenge a few of your misstatements on this page.

I said nothing "to tell [you] what journalism is these days." What I did was question your claim that journalism is your "occupation." Let's look at the facts: there is no trace of paid work anywhere that could possibly support you. (Frankly, you haven't demonstrated a basic level of proficiency with the written language to make that even remotely plausible.)

You proclaim that you are the "truth," yet your claim to be a professional journalist does not appear to be true. When challenged, you did not support your claim, but rather launched into an attack on the Daily News.

We don't need to fight. I would just like to understand how your statements are the "truth" when the facts seem to suggest something completely different.

As another inaccuracy, I never remotely suggested my "favoirte daily -the Daily News". While I don't dictate journalistic standards, I would hope we can all agree that journalists do not make up statements and attribute them to people who never said them. Writing that somebody said something they never said isn't exactly the "truth".

You appear to be using a pseudonym, so I question why, if you want to tell the "truth," you are hiding behind a fake name.

Can you please help us understand the "truth"?

Robert Taft Lincoln said...

Who cares what you say/ Not me! But stay well. Make all the fun you want about my "skills".
Build your own Blog instead of mimicking what others tell to think and say. Stay well . Live and let others live. Again, if I amy, count how many times I have written anything in this clap trap they call Boogie Downer. No tmuch, so you say i'm "hooked"/ Jay...I have better things to do with my time than write to you here, but tak ecare of your self. I'm mor etolerant than you fellow. That's why with people like you who are the "Know-it-alls", few pay attention to you. I care nothing for what you have to say even in you waste your time answering me and correcting me. I guess being who you are, you think you probably think have a monopoly on grammar and virtue too.