Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fordham University Staffers Fight For Childcare Benefits

The faculty and staff over at Fordham University are in the process of circulating a petition urging higher-ups to consider offering affordable childcare on campus.

The reasoning behind the push for childcare is pretty obvious -- by offering your employees quality benefits, you have a better shot of finding and retaining talented professionals who can contribute to the university's stellar academic standing.

As alums of FU, we fully support the staffers in their efforts to establish such an important employee benefit. It completely baffles us why so many corporations and institutions (especially Catholic ones) fail to support their employees as they struggle to juggle work and family life.

Please read the contents of the petition below, and if you'd like to add your name to the list simply email or
We the undersigned members of the Fordham faculty and staff, believe that Fordham, as a University in the Jesuit tradition, should provide affordable childcare to people who work at this great institution. Many employees at Fordham live in neighborhoods where there is no safe affordable childcare, and make great personal and financial sacrifices to assure their young children are cared for when they are at work. Moreover, each of us knows talented people who had to leave Fordham because they could not find child care arrangement that met their needs.

We believe it would be a tremendous contribution well being of the entire campus community to create a affordable Child Care Center on the Rose Hill Campus which could be used by faculty and staff. Creating such a Center would not only relieve hardship and stress among people who work here, it would help us retain talented people who might otherwise leave Fordham, and make Fordham a more attractive place to work.

Nothing could do more to show the Fordham Administration’s respect for the committed and loyal people who work at the University than
creating such a Center. It would be a powerful statement affirming
the University’s Jesuit traditions as well as its commitment to the
welfare of everyone who works on this campus.


Anonymous said...

Kinda makes sense for people who support "right to life" to also support those who did the Catholic thing and had kids. No?

jacob said...

And that's the defining feature of religion: "sense."

Anonymous said...

yes, right to life is an odd stance isnt it? Considering whats going down on the Gaza is easily terminated to many including those who call themselves the chosen...the fact that any spiritual group or organization would take a stand on who has the right to take an innocent life (God)is certainly an oddity...when folks respect life less the domino effect is inevitable. "quality" of life sucks for everyone. since abortion was legalized, child abuse has gone way up, as has poverty, unemployment, murder, and a myriad of other crimes against humanity. maybe the wrong people are being aborted from society before they ever had a chance?

no coincidence.

as for the Fordhman Staff...I am sure something good will come out of a difficult situation. There are great family day care centers all over the Bronx...quality childcare with loving staff and providers.