Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Listing of the Day: Westchester Square 1 Bedroom

2358 Glebe Avenue, 1 Bedroom $1,200/mo

The price tag on this apartment is a little higher then I would like, but the pics are what reeled me in. This is just outside of Parkchester proper, so you would still be able to enjoy all that shopping (they have a Starbucks and a Macy's people).

The apartment seems huge, although the listing doesn't include square footage. Lots of light and lots of windows. Look at those pics!

It's new construction, which can mean (a) great new everything and renovated kitchen and bathroom or (b) really quick and cheap work to get the thing on the market. I would hope that a landlord charging $1,200/mo for a one bedroom would realize there has to be some substance to the unit to grab that number. But you never know.

Not sure how much currency the nabe name 'Westchester Square' holds, but it would be inappropriate to call this Parkchester. Bronx neighborhood names and boundries confound us all again!

The Zerega Avenue 6 train stop is just down the block, so transportation shouldn't be an issue.

Yeah, I know this is a little expensive, but there are only so many $1,350/mo. 3 bedroom apartments I can profile in a week.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These are NOT worth it.

Rooms are narrow.

Cheap builder grade appliances (white?? can get stainless for a few dollars more these days)and cabinets.

No diswaher.

Heat not included!!

Some units have very bad views.

Should not be more than $900 and I doubt they'll sign many leases at $1200

Love your blog, by the way!