Monday, October 13, 2008

Listing of the Day: Bronx Park East Co-op

2166 Bronx Park East, #6B, 2 Bedroom - $225,000

I guess you would call this Van Nest or West Farms, but most Bronxites would say, "near the Zoo." This is a lovely 2 bedroom unit for only $225,000 that is walking distance to the Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Arthur Avenue.

At 1,000 square feet, this unit allows you to grow into it. Great for couples who might have a little one in the future. Imagine how much the bambino would love going to check out the giraffes all the time? Come on people, don't make your un-born, un-conceived children cry.

Now I know that people don't buy apartments because of the lobby, buy you have to admit this lobby is pretty opulent.
There is lots of shopping just around the block on White Plains Road BID. You'd also have lots of usable green space along Pelham Parkway just two blocks to the north.
Transportation is pretty nice with the 2 train stopping right at Pelham Parkway.

If you are looking in this Bronx Park area, you should also check out the most luxurious of Bronx Park condos on Daly street in the Park South Complex (who happens to be one of BoogieDowner's sponsors, so click through the fancy flash banner up top and buy something people).


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Tired of being broke said...

I looked at the Park South condo website after visiting the Aurora. Park South is a bit out of my budget.

That Lobby is nice and at 225,000 it is good to know there are still things in my 250K budget out there.