Monday, October 13, 2008

Country Living in the City for Under $500K

Only in the Bronx kids... or, more accurately, only in Riverdale.

This weekend's "Habitats" article by Dan Shaw in the New York Times' Real Estate section highlights a cute gay couple, David Byars and Joel Isler, who moved from Gramercy Park to Riverdale after snatching up a 2 bedroom pad super close to the Hudson River for $459,000. They were even able to gut renovate and turn it into their dream home, complete with "adjoining his-and-his bathrooms."

But of course their friends "were in shock" upon finding out the couple had moved to the Bronx. Imagine the shock if they had moved to the actual Bronx and not the picture of quaintness and perfection that is Riverdale... gasp! (Now please don't get all uppity Riverdale readers... you have to admit, life is pretty sweet over there overlooking the Hudson, right? Right.)

*Photo courtesy of G. Paul Burnett/NY Times*


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