Monday, October 13, 2008

Thonx to the Bronx

First, let BoogieDowner ask the same question all of its readers will ask: "Why is there a blog that chronicles American poet, Ogden Nash's influence?" (for the philistines, there is a bio after the jump). Well, there is such a blog and it is called Blogden Nash. Further, you may ask, why does the BoogieDowner care about this obscure blog about an obscure American poet?
Well, Blogen Nash has posted about the blog's eponymous hero's recompense to the Bronx. You see, Ogden Nash was the author of the famous and oft-quoted 1931 Bronx-demeaning couplet,

The Bronx?
No Thonx.

It truns out that Bronxites have pretty long memories. Dr. Abraham Tauber, dean of the faculty at the Bronx Community College wrote to Mr. Nash some 30 years after the infamous couplet was created. Dean Tauber wasn't seeking an apology, but rather an explanation. To Dean Tauber's surprise, Ogden Nash wrote him back and seemed to regret his youthful indisgression against our beloved borough. Below is Mr. Nash's letter to Dean Tauber.

Dear Dean Tauber,
I can't seem to escape the sins of my smart-alec youth;
Here are my amends. I wrote those lines, "The Bronx?No thonx";
I shudder to confess them.
Now I'm an older, wiser man I cry,
"The Bronx? God bless them!"

Contritely yours,
Ogden Nash.

- New York Times, May 25, 1964

Also from that 1964 Times piece:

Contrite Poet Gives A Cheer for Bronx On Golden Jubilee

Give the Bronx their due,
Says the poet, with rue.

Thanks for setting the record straight John Brady (author of Blogden Nash).


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