Sunday, February 12, 2012

President Obama and Congressman Serrano Support Nomination of Julissa Reynoso for US Ambassador to Uruguay

Here is good news about a Bronxite by the name of Julissa Reynoso.

Much success!

President Obama and Congressman Serrano Supports Nomination of Julissa Reynoso

On Tuesday, Congressman Serrano attended the confirmation hearing for Julissa Reynoso, who was nominated by President Obama to serve as the US Ambassador to Uruguay. Reynoso grew up in the Bronx after her parents moved there from the Dominican Republic in 1982. "She will represent our country well and we are all so proud of her," said Serrano after the hearing. "Julissa is one of the shining lights of the New York Dominican Community and her success shows how people from our community can go anywhere and do anything."

Reynoso, along with several other nominees for posts in Latin America, is now waiting to be approved by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and then confirmed by the full Senate.

Serrano with Reynoso at the  hearing

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