Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here is more on evicting perfectly good tenants that help their communities and put a few extra dollars into the coffers for Bronx pubic schools.



WHO: Council Member Fernando Cabrera, Pastor Salvador Sabino & other Affected Religious Leaders

WHAT: Houses of worship that did not receive cancellation notices from the Department of Education plan to meet in schools today and one homeless Manhattan church will meet on a sidewalk.

WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 18, 2012, 5:00PM -6:30PM

WHERE: Front sidewalk of IS 52 (South of 204 St. in Northern Manhattan), 650 Academy Street, New York, NY 10034


NEW YORK — On Thursday, Bronx Household of Faith’s attorneys won a temporary restraining order that would allow houses of worship to continue meeting for worship services in New York City public schools for the time being. Late Friday evening, the district court order was tempered by the 2nd Circuit and will apply only to the Bronx Household of Faith. While some houses of worship were notified their permits were revoked, others were not. Many still plan on meeting inside schools later today.

One house of worship that was denied a permit will be taking its worship services to the streets today at 5:00PM, right outside of the school where they met each Sunday. Heavenly Vision Christian Center lead by Pastor Salvador Sabino will be holding an outdoor service with music and congregants, some of whom were formerly in gangs or incarcerated, will be sharing their stories.

"I understand what these small houses of worship are doing," said Council Member Fernando Cabrera, "They have nowhere to go now. What is better, having religious groups out on sidewalks and inside parks, or having them pay the City to meet inside empty school buildings? This policy is simply ridiculous. Albany must act."