Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Councilman Vacca Introduces Reusable Muni-Meter Receipt Legislation

HOLY COW!!! If you thought a snow balls chance in hell had a better probability then the city passing legislation that would save people from onerous parking tickets, you might be proven wrong. Councilman James Vacca is behind the simple but ground breaking legislation where fairness trumps the cities insatiable need for parking ticket revenue.

Continuing his fight for parking fairness, Councilman James Vacca, Chair of the Council’s Transportation Committee, will be introducing legislation at the City Council Stated Meeting on Wednesday, February 1st. The bill would allow drivers who purchase muni-meter time at one location, to use the remaining time at a different muni-meter location.

New York City Department of Transportation officials have already stated that drivers who have time left on a muni-meter receipt can use that time elsewhere. However, judges and traffic enforcement agents have disagreed with this policy, forcing drivers to pay tickets when they have attempted to use purchased muni-meter time in a different part of the city outside where the muni meter time was initially purchased.

“New York City now raises over $600 million a year from drivers through parking tickets and fines. Many view the installation of muni-meters as another way for the city to increase revenue even though the city has consistently told us this was not the case. My legislation makes it clear that we will not be nickel and quartering drivers and they will be allowed to take excess time with them to their next location,” Vacca said.

Councilman Vacca encourages his colleagues to co-sponsor this bill.

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