Thursday, January 22, 2009

Listing of the Day: Cheapest Riverdale Rental Ever

445 West 240th Street, 1 Bedroom - $750/month

BoogieDowner usually doesn't cover much Riverdale stuff in the Listing of Day. That's not because we don't love you, Riverdale - we do! It's just that your real estate prices (both rentals and purchases) tend to be pretty damned high already. BoogieDowner is always trying to highlight the crazy cheap and undervalued housing options in the Bronx.

Well, here is an insanely cheap apartment for rent right near Manhattan College. The unit is only $750/month and it is a one bedroom and not a studio. It would be hard to come by this price for a studio in a much less desirable hood.

The pictures look nice and the hood has some signs of life with college spots and normal shopping/eating options.

In any case, eat it up, Riverdale - you made it! Hopefully this Listing of the Day makes some weary Bronx apartment hunter very happy. You're welcome.



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