Friday, November 4, 2011

Sen. Klein’s Graffiti Removal Program hits Cyberspace: 34th S.D. Residents now able to report Vandalism online

You can know report illegal graffiti by logging on to State Senator Jeffrey Klein's web site. I think it's a great idea and a statement that his office is on point when it comes to protecting the community against vandals. Additional kudos to the Pelham Parkway Jewish Community Council and CitySolve who helped make the program possible.



State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein, (D-Bronx/ Westchester) announced today that his graffiti removal program will be more accessible than ever, with residents being able to report vandalized sites through the Senator’s Web site,

“To help keep our neighborhoods graffiti free, we all must work on together,” said Senator Klein “This new service is one more tool in our ongoing war against vandalism."

When residents log onto Senator Klein’s Web site, they will be able to click a banner on the left hand side of the page for his graffiti removal program. This will direct users to a short and concise form, where they can provide their contact information and all pertinent information on any graffiti vandalism sites. Constituents can even upload photos of the vandalism which the Senator's office will then forward to local law enforcement.

For those not able to connect online, graffiti sites in the 34th Senatorial District can still be called into Senator Klein’s Office at (718) 822-2049. The program is funded through Pelham Parkway Jewish Community Council and maintained through the services of CitySolve, a graffiti removal company based in New York City.

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Sabrina H. said...

Thank you for posting this. Its extremely helpful. I also signed up for the Bronx Marathon 5k thanks to your info here on the BoogieDowner. You have been doing a great job since taking over-keeping us BoogieDowner's abreast and informed :)