Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New "Job Express" Website Launched by Governor Cuomo’s’ Office

There is a new web site started by our Governor to help New Yorkers find work. Hopefully the site and this post will be beneficial to someone out there seeking employment. If you know anyone looking for a job please do forward.

Good Luck



Governor Andrew M. Cuomo this week announced the launch of "Jobs Express," a new website designed to help New Yorkers who are seeking employment.

The Jobs Express website makes it easier to learn about what jobs are available in the state and to know where to find them.

Click here to visit the Jobs Express website.

The site takes over 42,000 job openings and sorts them by region to help job seekers evaluate what industries are growing in their area and find out what opportunities are available in specific companies.

Complete with other helpful features – like video tutorials on resume writing, interview techniques, and transitioning to a new career – use Jobs Express to enhance your job search today.

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