Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BronxNet Seeks Bronx Filmmakers and Directors for New Series Promoting the Independent Films Industry in NYC

BronxNet is currently planning to shoot a pilot for a continuing series featuring local independent filmmakers and directors. Their hoping that this show will help local/independent filmmakers gain exposure. Their looking for Bronx filmmakers who are currently promoting their films. If you are a filmmaker please e-mail Christie Takahashi. Her e-mail can be found below.

Once again BronxNet is right on target. Good luck to the many Bronx filmmakers out there. As this year’s first ever Bronx Week Film festival showed, there are many Bronx filmmakers in the Bronx making things happen. Hopefully this new BronxNet venture will help promote additional film production in our borough.

Christie C. Takahashi
Associate Producer/Editor/Videographer/Graphic Designer/Reporter
BronxNet Community Television - Creative Service Department

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