Monday, November 7, 2011

Political Unknown, Tom Allon, runs for Mayor Of NYC

I received the following related to a teacher running for Mayor of NYC. It's the first time I heard of him, but as an alternative media source I thought I should pass on the news. I must admit, I like his taking on the establishment and the fact that he is an educator. Is this the beginning of "average citizens" running for city wide positions? Has anyone heard of the Tom Allon before?


Two years before election, Allon debuts hard-hitting 30-second spot

On Election Day tomorrow, newspaper publisher and former public school teacher Tom Allon will kick start the 2013 mayoral race by debuting a 30-second television ad, blasting the lack of electoral choice in New York City. The ad entitled “Election Day”, which is running exclusively tomorrow on NY1, will also introduce Allon to voters, highlighting the fact that he is the only non-career politician currently seeking the mayoralty.

“New Yorkers should be out voting today,” said Allon. “But instead of having open and democratic elections like editorial boards and good government groups across the city demanded, the Republican and Democratic bosses once again orchestrated special elections to keep independent, reform-minded, and third-party candidates out of office.”

“As Mayor of the City of New York, I will make electoral reform and good government top priorities of my administration. If the people don’t have real choice on Election Day, our whole system of government is a sham.”

Allon’s “Election Day” ad will run throughout the day, tomorrow, November 8th on NY1.

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