Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Albanian-American community is celebrating its 99th anniversary from Ottoman occupation on Saturday, November 26th. The following about their history and Saturday's event was sent by the Albanian-American Community Association. Kudos for their example on how we should all honor our heritage and keep our unique traditions alive.


New York, November 20, 2011 – The history of the Albanian people is unique:
as direct descendants of the ancient Illyrians, Albanians are among the oldest civilizations of
Europe. The Albanian language constitutes its own branch of the Indo-European languages,
and Albanian cultural traditions are distinctive for their extraordinary emphasis on hospitality
and generosity (something that no doubt influenced the most famous Albanian of all –
Mother Teresa). Additionally, military historians and even American poets such as Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow tell of exceptional Albanian boldness and valor, as exemplified
by the Albanian national hero, Scanderbeg.

It was that same independence of spirit and desire for self-determination that led to
Albania’s declaration of independence nearly 100 years ago, on November 28th, 1912, from the
Ottoman Empire. On that day, the Albanian flag – a black double-headed eagle on a red
background – was raised, and over 500 years of foreign rule was ended.

This year, Albanians in the New York area will honor this historic event with a
commemorative flag raising in the Bronx, during which the Albanian flag will be raised to fly
next to the American flag. Albanians consider the United States its closest ally – from President
Woodrow Wilson’s support for Albanian independence a century ago through the more recent
American support of Kosova’s independence. As such, all Americans -- Albanian and non-
Albanian alike -- are invited to attend the flag raising in celebration of this special relationship,
and our shared ideals of freedom and liberty.

The flag raising will take place as outlined below:

Who: Albanian-American Community to Celebrate Albanian Independence
When: Saturday, November 26, 2011 @ 11:00 A.M.
Where: Arthur Ave Section of the Bronx
At the Intersection of East 187th Street, Crescent Ave and Cambreleng Ave
What: Flag Raising to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Albanian Independence.
Why: To preserve the proud Albanian culture in their new country, the United

Organized by Albanian American Community Association (AACA)
In addition to the flag raising, visuals will include
young Albanian-Americans dressed in traditional Albanian clothing.


Anonymous said...

There goes Little Italy!

Anonymous said...

Albanians are very proud of their heritage and with the continuing improvements and economic success of Little Italy in the BX...We should all welcome and respect this event.