Monday, October 6, 2008

A Steak Knife Grows in Brooklyn

I guess the Brooklyn backlash is in full effect. Closely on the heels of this summer's machete attacks in Billburg, a story is coming out on FreeWilliamsburg of a hipster lass who was attacked by a knife wielding, Mets hat-wearing lunatic on Orient Avenue.

The BoogieDowner actually followed the link trail to the original source of this story. First seen on Curbed, then followed to Gothamist and then finally to the original post on FreeWilliamsburg. The blogoshpere is a twisted web, no?

Is this further evidence that the sprawl of hipsterdom has reached its natural limits in Williamsburg? Have the PBR-swilling, cultural connoisseur cultists finally met a reality that is scarier than a full time job - machete and knife wielding hipster-haters? Do skinny jeans, ridiculously over sized sunglasses, Pearl Art bags and a copy of Infinite Jest under your arm make you a target of these attacks?

The girl who was attacked sends out a concerned warning to her fellow hipster neighbors:
"so that my hip neighbors will know to keep their wits about them - no matter what time of day and no matter how safe the street seems. Converse, ipods and black jeans make you a target to some people." []

Sheesh, and they say the Bronx is dangerous... I'm not quite sure if the attacker was attracted by the converse and black jeans, but I am thinking the white iPod headphone cord may have had something to do with it.

Although scary attacks like these continue to happen in Billburg, it will no doubt remain the apple of NYC media's eye. They better get a handle on the crime spree against hipsters if they hope to keep all those glass facade luxury condo units selling in this market.
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Anonymous said...

Oh shut the fuck up you heartless whore. You don't think the same things are possible in the Bronx? I actually had hope for this blog but you just lost a reader. Relying on Brooklyn stabbings and hipster references to boost your web traffic...pathetic. I guess the Bronx isn't interesting enough on its own? I hope you get mugged some night on your way home.

Anonymous said...

I think both the post and the comment before me are unthoughtful. I'm really enjoying this blog but violence shouldn't be a subject of mockery. Imagine yourself being a victim of a knife attack. I'm open to any discussion on why this is happening but the way your blog post reads is unsympathetic and unproductive. In fact it almost encourages the the behavior, justifies it. I am certain you don't really want that. You guys seem very good and decent.

As far as the comment. Well... no comment on what you said. Be nice to people everyone. Please. :)

Boogiedowner said...

BoogieDowner isn't encouraging violence of any sort. We're just reporting on a story that had popped up on other blogs and gave a little BoogieDowner twist. Obviously we feel bad for the girl who was attacked and hope that these types of attacks stop. You're pretty fired up Anonymous at 12:29am. Sorry for any offense....Seriously, we didn't mean to be heartless if that's how it seemed. Lo Siento.

Anonymous said...

No need to feel bad for me and I didn't think that the post was mean at all. It's a bizarre thing that happened - there has to be some humor in it.
I'm just happy that people are picking up the story and getting it out there.

Just to be accurate that knife looked more like this: