Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Listing of the Day: Tremont Rental

E 175 ST at Prospect Ave, 2 Bedroom - $1400/mo.

The apartment itself is interesting with a unique kitchen set-up that has a pass-through. The bathrooms seems decent, if not downright nice, and the floors, light, and space all seem to be positive.

This apartment is just north of Crotona Park, which has it very own lake and hosts the annual Bronx Pro Tennis Classic. Crotona Park is the largest park south of Fordham Road and is a great amenity for the hood.

Obviously what got this unit into the Listing of the Day is its price. Splitting $1400/mo. loosens up the budget a bit. As an added bonus, there is no annoying broker's fee, so you can save yourself a few dollars.

Transportation is decent with the B/D at Tremont and the Grand Concourse and the 2/5 at 174th and Southern Blvd. For the fancier renters, there is a Metro North stop at Tremont Ave and Park Ave.


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