Monday, October 6, 2008

LIsting of the Day: Soundview House

1994A Powell Ave. 3 Bedrooms 1.5 Bathrooms - $379,000

This isn't the fanciest house in the world, but it's a decent house at a decent price. The kitchen and the bathrooms are certainly not updated with granite and and new fixtures, but you can tell that this dwelling was lived in and cared for. At such a low price, the BoogieDowner thought this would be a fixer-upper or a 'needs TLC' listing.

If you take a look, this house is actually a little charming. And you'd get a one car garage, which means guaranteed parking! You'd also have a backyard, which not every Bronx house can boast.

The house is located in the area south of Parkchester and the Cross Bronx Expressway, but north of the Bruckner Expressway. I guess you can call this Soundview, but I've always felt Soundview was a little further south past the Bruckner. Is this Castle Hill? Bronx neighborhood boundaries, why do you elude me?

A reasonable house at a reasonable asking price. That's what the Bronx is about people: a house or an apartment you can actually live in for a price that you can actually afford. If Wall Street had taken this simple Bronx-inspired real estate maxim to heart, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess. Glad we solved that whole national financial unpleasantness -now it's time to tackle breakfast.


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