Thursday, September 15, 2011

Transportation Chair James Vacca Responds to DOT Bike-Share Announcement

There is a new plan to increase bike use in NYC. Bronx Councilman James Vacca who Chairs the Transportation committee issued the following statement in relation to the proposed bike-share program. If thought out and implemented properly it should be a constructive program for NYC. Other major cities have already had success with similar programs. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, I also read that the funds for the program will be secured by corporate sponsors.


Transportation Chair James Vacca Responds to DOT Bike-Share Announcement

BRONX ― New York City Council Transportation Chair James Vacca of the Bronx today released the following statement upon news that the NYC DOT announced an RFP winner for the city’s Bike-Share program:

“With 600 stations and 10,000 bikes, Bike-Share may open up an innovative new transit option for New Yorkers. However, the rubber will only hit the road if DOT is totally committed to working with local neighborhoods and Council Members in the siting and implementation of Bike-Share, because these stations are going to take up valuable real estate on our public streets and sidewalks. Communities will now be looking for specifics on this plan, and I have been assured the process will be transparent and responsive. I intend to work with the city and my colleagues on the rollout of Bike-Share.”

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Anonymous said...

You know what else takes up valuable real estate? Free parking for private automobiles. Yet we do it across the city, and no one is studying doing anything about it.

Yay for bikeshare for bringing better ways to use our public space.