Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Barilla's Summer of Italy Promotional Campaign Distributing Bocelli Concert Tickets in the Bronx

Here is an e-mail sent about a promotion giving away Andrea Bocelli Concert tickets. The concert is in Manhattan but they will be coming up to the Bronx on various occasions to give away tickets. Please do review the e-mail sent below for more information.

You may have heard of the Andrea Bocelli Concert taking place on September 15th in Central Park. Tickets sold out in a few hours, but are still available through Barilla’s Summer of Italy and the “Road to Casa Barilla!”

Through September 12, five Barilla-branded FIAT cars will zip all over the five boroughs (and Hoboken!) visiting hidden Italian treasures around the city, stopping at gelato shops, Italian-style pizzerias and even Italian-influenced parks and green spaces. Thursday, 9/8 we will be at an “Italian treasure” in the Bronx! The address and timing is only announced the day of via @BarillaUS on Twitter and Barilla’s Facebook page.

The first five people to unlock our Foursquare Special by checking in at select venues will be rewarded with a pair of VIP vouchers to Andrea Bocelli: Live in Central Park, to be redeemed for tickets inside Casa Barilla™ by noon Wednesday, September 14th. In addition, drivers and brand ambassadors will be passing out tickets to Casa Barilla during the stops.

Please feel free to pass along to your readers. If you are interested, I’ll forward you the actual location tomorrow morning as a sneak peak for your readers.

More information about Casa Barilla and the “Road to Casa Barilla” can be found on

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