Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Since my last post about the controversy surrounding Mayor Bloomberg’s decision not to include prayer at this years September 11th ceremony, NYC Councilman Fernando Cabrera has secured over 60,000 signatures advocating for prayer to be reinstated. He will present the signatures tomorrow at the steps of City Hall.

I have always advocated for the open expression of faith on the Boogiedowner. It's part of who we are and a powerful force in uplifting mankind. We already tried social experiments in "god less" societies. Is the former Soviet Union our new model?

I commend Councilman Cabrera for his steadfastness in attempting to promote prayer on September 11th and other occasions. I am sure we can find text agreeable to all religious groups. Please do give us your opinion on the topic and please do review the press release sent by his office.


WHO: NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera, Community Leaders, and Clergy Members
WHAT: Councilman Cabrera, along with representatives of the faith community, will call on the Mayor to reconsider his position to not allow prayer at this year’s 9/11 Ceremony

WHEN: Thursday, September 8th 12:00pm
WHERE: City Hall Steps

“During 9/11, the faith community served as pillars for many New Yorker’s coping with the tragedy. As a pastor during the tumultuous aftermath, I know first hand that it was a time where people were searching for meaning and things bigger than themselves,” said Councilman Cabrera. “People’s Faith helped fill this void and continue to serve as spiritual and emotional support.”

Councilman Cabrera has spoken nationally on FOX, CNN, the Associated Press, and various nationally syndicated radio stations in support of prayer inclusion during the 9/11 Ceremony. Many groups have joined the efforts, adding over 60,000 names to the petitions to be delivered to the Mayor.

“While many of the voices in this effort have divergent views on a wide-range of issues, I believe that we can put our differences aside to call for the uniting force of prayer,” said Councilman Cabrera. “I sincerely hope that the Mayor will allow prayer in this year’s ceremony as we remember and honor the victims of a tragedy that is still being felt today.”


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