Monday, September 5, 2011

Governor Cuomo Launches "Labor for Your Neighbor" Citizen Action Program

Governor Cuomo's administration is organizing individuals that want to help fellow New Yorkers devastated by Hurricane Irene through a volunteer work program called "Labor for Your Neighbor. For those who did not receive the e-mail and are interested, please do review the e-mail and web link below.


Governor Cuomo began a new program this weekend called "Labor for Your Neighbor," which encourages citizens to pitch in and help their fellow New Yorkers hit the hardest by Hurricane Irene.

The "Labor for Your Neighbor" program was created to build on the outpouring of support already expressed by New Yorkers and to stimulate even more neighbor-to-neighbor help on this long holiday weekend.

Through this program, individual New Yorkers can join Governor Cuomo and roll up their sleeves to help their neighbors take small steps toward recovery.

Volunteers will be shuttled into villages needing assistance and provided with appropriate equipment and supervision. New Yorkers who want to help by making a financial contribution to recovery efforts can do so by clicking the link above and donating through a centralized effort coordinated by the United Way of New York State.

Together, we will rebuild better and stronger than ever before.

Web link to learn more about the program:

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