Monday, September 5, 2011

DOE Cuts Geared to Lower Paid Employees Sparks Demonstration on Wednesday September 7th

Here is an e-mail circulating from a Lisa Womack. She provides information about a demonstration scheduled for this Wednesday related to the proposed cuts to education. Again, the sacrifice is geared against the lowest paid employees of the NYC Board of Education. Multiple organizations are involved in the demonstrations planning and execution. The complete list can be found below.

Please do review and consider the points presented. Good luck to everyone taking part in the struggle to make sure NYC Educates don't force more working New Yorkers into shelters were the average monthly costs is greater than $4,000 per month or $48,000 annually. I am sure the salaries on the chopping block have a much lower average salary.

Sept. 7th @ 4 PM
NYC Departmentof Education
52 Chambers Street

Mayor Bloomberg’s layoffs will wreak havoc upon the lives of our school children with the greatest needs: students with disabilities, students in our poorest neighborhoods, and students who receive free lunch. These students— most of whom are Black and Latino, are being denied the support of workers who care for them every day—workers who also happen to be the lowest-paid employees of the NYC Department of Education, and who also happen to be mostly Black and Latino. Contrast these layoffs and those impacted by these layoffs with the highly-paid, non-union educrats populating the central office of the NYC Department of Education, including lawyers, or the millions of dollars spent on numerous consultants retained by the Department. Contrast these layoffs and those impacted with the $100 million per year of unpaid rent by co-located charter schools, or to the no-bid contracts and corruption associated with vendors such as Verizon.

(Trains: 4,5,6, N & R to City Hall-Brooklyn Bridge; or A/C to Chambers St.)
Sponsored by:• NYC Parents Union• Local 372-DC 37• CEP-CEP: Coalition for Public Education /Coalición por laEducación Pública• GEM: Grassroots Education Movement• Class Size Matters• The MANY: The Mothers’ Agenda NY• NYCORE• NY Charter Parents Association• Teachers Unite

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tsilb said...

13% is not enough. The DoE’s job is twofold: Manage our nuclear arsenal, and manage the electrical grid. All other concerns are secondary.

Nukes are clearly the responsibility of the DoD. Utilities such as electricity should be handled by the states per the 10th amendment.