Friday, January 28, 2011

Young Turks in the Bronx ?- NorthWest Democrats and Bronx for Change 2010 Election Panel

There seems to be a Young Turk political movement in the Bronx. They sent me this flyer about an event they are having tomorrow. Those of you that will not be at one of my Open Houses tomorrow might be curios to see if any of the below might have the skills to be become one of our next elected officials;

Your Invite to hear and learn from the Bronx Political Leaders of 2012?

NorthWest Bronx Democrats & Bronx for Change Present
Post-2010 Election Panel:

Do you know who are the Bronx Rising Political Stars?
And who are the front-runners for 2012 and beyond?
And do you know how they got there?
And how to learn the ways to be one?

These are The Bronxites who stood up for their communities by competing or attempting to compete in the last Primary Election and the last Bronx Borough Presidency election. Bring your questions and opinions to a lively post-2010 election wrap-up with a panel of distinguished candidates, rising political stars and political analyst.

Moderated by Roberto Perez --THE PEREZ NOTES Panelists confirmed include:
*Joseph Huff, Candidate for US Senate∙
*Chidi Kumar, Candidate for 7th Congressional District∙
*Priscilla Nibbs-Brady, Candidate for Bronx Borough President∙
*Yina B. Rodriguez, Candidate for 28th Senatorial District∙
*Charlie Ramos, Candidate for 32nd Senatorial District∙
*Robert Giuffre, Candidate for 80th Assembly District∙
*Julio Munoz, Candidate for 80th Assembly District∙
*Sergio Villaverde, Candidate for 78th Assembly District∙
*Rev. Carmen Hernandez, Candidate for 85th AD District Leader∙
*Kenny Padilla, Candidate for 76th AD District Leader∙
*Mark Rodriguez, Candidate for State Committee 83rd Assembly District
*Ricardo Martinez, Candidate for State Committee,78th Aseembly District

Saturday, January 29, 2011
1:00 pm –3 :00 pm
La Resurrection Church
970 Elton Avenue, Bronx
(one block west off Third Avenue& 158th St)

Space is Limited. Please RSVP today: Anthony Rivieccio,
DirectorNWB Democrats (347) 575 5045

NWB Democrats is an affiliation of North Bronx Thinktank(NBT), founded in 2003 for preserving and protecting our Northwest Bronx. NBT creates community clubs for community success. Past and current affiliations include: Bronxites for Parks, Northwest Bronx Merchant Association, The Children's Collective & The Committee of 100 Democrats


Anonymous said...

Wow -- last Thursday Anthony Rivieccio was a "lunatic". Now I am encouraged to RSVP to him. I think ErLu had it right last Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Can Bronxites have the civility to disagree without name calling and insulting? For the Bronx to look good, its residents have to look good. Play nicely, children!

Boogiedowner said...

I don't think I know the man but I must admit I am curious. It was ment to be information not an endoursement. I added a ? to avoid any future confusion. Overtime I might agree or disagree with you but it's a new day and I just don't know. Anyway there are many people on the list. It's not just about Anthony Riviccio.

Thank you,

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Boogiedowner said...

To our anonymous "spell checker". It's a blog site not a novel. Anyway thanks for the corrections. Where I can alter I will.


Guywithacause said...

I too have noticed alot of the spelling errors in a variety of posts and comments by Gt. Just do a Spellcheck before posting the articles and your comments and it will lend the Boogiedowner more credibility.

I am also guilty of spelling errors, but I have noticed a significant increase in them since Gt has taken over. It does take a little something away from the Blog when there are alot of grammatical errors.