Monday, January 10, 2011

New Food Market In Riverdale

From the Inbox:

There is a new food market on Riverdale Ave near Palumbo's called Shoshi's Market. Went there before the storm on 12/27 since it was open and I am so glad I did! Bought a whole wheat round bread, potato latke's and lentil soup. The bread was a hit (better than Amy's fav) and the latkes were mmmm.
Had my husband go back shopping there and he also loves the food. He brought back vegetable latkes and we ate them heartily! Go and see for yourself!!
Latina in Riverdale

Bea Moreno
Has anyone else been here?


Anonymous said...

Probably won't get a chance to before they go out of business. That side of Riverdale ave seems to be the kiss of death for any merchant brave (or is it stupid) enough to open a store on it. Very different from when I grew up. In the 70's and 80's both Riverdale ave and Johnson ave were a very active economic hub of the neighborhood, sporting many locally owned mom and pop stores. Ever since the satanic Friedland brothers and their unspeakable greed came in, both those blocks are mere shells of what they once were.

paperpest said...

The people behind Ha-Makolet Shoshi’s Market have been in business for years on Johnson Avenue. They own the Riverdelight Deli. If you live in the neighborhood, Shoshi's is a good place to pick up a few items.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding service!
The food was delicious!

Home made and as good as
any in Paris....

I drive from Manhattan to
Riverdale just to shop in this
fabulous emporium!