Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pelham Parkway North - Reiss Pl. and Bronx Park East

Here is the Boogiedowner Winter photo which seems traditional of most news and blog sites out there. The photo was taken on the corner of Reiss Place and Bronx Park East, in the Pelham Parkway North section. I included the "Reiss Pl." street sign in the photo to help illustrate his role in shaping the history of the Bronx. Mr. Reiss was the a Bronx landowner as shown in the correction to this post on Jan 28th.

As a child I played ball in the baseball field to the left. We always called it Reiss Field. My little league team was PPT or Pelham Parkway Travel. I wonder if the travel agency is still around. Kudos to them for sponsoring youth events. Good memories!! Any info on Pelham Parkway Little League? Is the organization still around?


Anonymous said...

Don't know about Pelham Parkway Travel, but the Little League still operates. They lock up that baseball diamond now, too.

Anonymous said...

The engineer for the Grand Concourse was Louis Aloys Risse. We have a park and street named after him at the northern end of the Concourse at Mosholu Parkway.
Reiss Place was named after George Reiss, a property owner who owned land at the eastern edge of the Botanical Garden.
See "History in Asphalt" by John McNamara.

Boogiedowner said...

Thanks for the correction. Already altered the post.