Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yoga & Pilates on Webster Avenue

I couldn't resist using our fave creepy yogi pic with this post...

A new business has opened on Webster Avenue, and it doesn't involve auto repair or live chickens. It's a new yoga studio which offers Zumba, Pole Dance/Fitness, Salsa, Belly Dance, Pilates, and more. RizzQue Studio and Boutique, which is located at 3037 Webster Avenue between Mosholu Parkway and 203rd Street, is the brainchild of J. Lee Cardona, a Bronx fitness and fashion entrepreneur.

The first Yelp review of RizzQue (submitted by BD Reader Lis) clocks in at 5 stars and is quite positive:
Excellent studio for yoga! It also offers Zumba, Pole Dance/Fitness, Salsa, Belly Dance, Pilates, and more. It is beautiful, clean, and warm enough to comfortably practice yoga. The yoga teacher, Jia, for the Monday evening yoga class was awesome. My stress just melted away!

Rates are reasonable and the staff is super friendly!
Click here to check out RizzQue's website for further info.



iKNOWthatsRIGHT said...

Or bodegas. I hope the communtity supports this new business, even if you just go once it would be nice.

Lis said...

I know I am talking it up, but iKNOWthatRIGHT is right... support the business by going just once. Rates are reasonable and there will be more classes added once it becomes clear what classes are enjoyed by customers.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a worse place to put a yoga/pilates place than Webster Ave. People who live there are basically struggling to put food on the table. Unlike their elitist Riverdalian fellow Bronxites, I would bet a lot of money that people who live in Bedford PArk do not have the time for Yoga/Pilates.

Bikram Yoga on 230th street seems to be doing very well, and while one could use that as an argument against my above thesis, the fact is the vast majority of those going to Bikram are Riverdalians.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous makes a very racist, classist comment. There are many professionals living in the area, and they can well afford yoga, pilates, and more. Look at what some of the houses and coops in the area have sold for. Stereotyping is a sign of ignorance.

Lis said...

This may be a question of what comes first... do we provide the services that would attract the middle-class first or do we expect the middle-class to come before we provide the services?

Also, I find it a little outdated that people still think of yoga as something only rich people can afford. The price of a yoga class is the same as going to see a movie and people in this neighborhood do go see movies.

And, I hope people use the money they would otherwise spend on their expensive, useless cable bills on yoga classes. All those ugly Direct TV Satellites and Verizon Fios vans blocking the streets tells me that people in Norwood are not struggling to put food on their tables (unless they feel cable is more important than food). Blah, blah... you get the point of my anti-cable rant.

Anonymous said...

Well, this "Lis" obviously didn't graduate from Fordham and/or work for a non-profit.

If she did, she would already know that the denizens of the Bronx toil to subsist in the face of oppression, which can only be alleviated by the generosity of their betters.

They couldn't possibly hope to participate in something as refined as yoga... unless, perhaps, one of those selfless non-profit workers offered classes for free.

iKNOWthatsRIGHT said...

So someone needs to graduate from Fordham to realize that offering something other then fast food restaurants to poor people is a bad thing? Annonymous you need to get it together and move on from your past. There are plenty of people in this neighborhood who are not on public assistance, don't stay home all day playing video games and watching tv, aren't leaches on society, and actually care about their health. Since when is caring about your neighborhood and well being a bad thing? Also your answer is to allow people who obviously can't afford it to come for free. haha yeah right, go open a business and give everything away to people who you consider to be in need and see how long you last. Theres nothing but bodegas, barber shops, cell phone stores and fast food restaurants in this area, and if you live here and are upset that someone who worked hard for their money and took the time to invest in a business that they thouroughly enjoy and makes them happy and is different then those i listed, then you need to go back to Fordham and start all over again, and then move out of the neighborhood because I would like to see this area be gentrified, and if that means bums who do nothing will have to find some place else to live, then peace see you later!

iKNOWthatsRIGHT said...

oh and you consider yoga refined? lol you must have very low standards and taste, because I wouldn't consider stretching for an hour refined. I'd call it normal and something i do everyday. some people are such fools. Now if someone said they were opening a Cartier or Tiffany's on Webster Ave then I'd wonder about their mental state. so get over it.

Anonymous said...

Clearly "iKNOWthatsRIGHT" didn't go to Fordham and/or work at a non-profit either!

Otherwise, they would know that the ignorant denizens of the Bronx can only learn to eat better thanks to the selfless generosity of those of us who would teach them about the virtues of the organic vegetables they can't buy in their neighborhood.

Only somebody who only cares about themself would advocate for gentrification. Where are the poor people supposed to live? How will us do-gooders find people to help if they're not crowded into a slum around the campus?

Really, this neighborhood is SO ignorant!

Lis said...

I didn't move here because of charity (I want to make T-shirts that say that!)! I moved her because the transportation, the price of housing, and the Parks are so awesome around here. I hope the middle-class does move here and demands people pick up their trash, demands grocery stores carry better produce and food choices, demands the police enforce laws, and demands businesses around here offer more than calling cards and cigarettes.

I could go for days on this topic.