Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vacca Hails New Rules Limiting Large Medical, Day Care Facilities in CB 10

Here is information and a zoning amendment that will affect members in Community Board 10. Community Board 10 covers the more residential, lower density neighborhoods in the East Bronx. It stretches as far North as Co-op City and as far South as Throgs Neck. Many people are unaware that much of the East Bronx was annexed to NYC later than the West Bronx, and that many parts of the East Bronx have a different feel, less access to train transportation and probably much higher average incomes. The East Bronx neighborhoods would also probably have a greater ratios of cars per capita and a higher per capita of residents with premium insurance allowing more negotiating room with physicians that are looking to open up shop in those neighborhoods. I believe the new Hutch-Metro Center, where my doctor has his offices, would also supply any need for additional medical space. As per the day care centers, I am sure there is a need for child care but am unsure how they affect various neighborhoods in CB 10. I would assume people who have children appreciate them while residents without a need for child care would compare it to a commercial enterprise on their street. Please do let me know what you think about the zoning amendment. The official press release from Councilman Vacca's office is below.

BRONX, NY ― Council Member James Vacca today hailed the passage of a zoning amendment he initiated that strictly limits the development of medical offices and day care centers in the residential sections of Community Board 10.

“Lower-density communities across New York City have been overrun by large, unattractive doctor’s offices and day care centers that are out of context with surrounding homes and make it even harder to park your car,” Vacca said. “This zoning change is our latest effort to preserve the character that makes our community special and that we have fought so hard to protect.”

The amendment, approved by the City Council on January 18 and by Board 10 in October, effectively prohibits large-scale medical offices and day care centers from opening on most side streets in Throgs Neck, Pelham Bay, Waterbury-LaSalle, Country Club, Spencer Estate, and City Island by imposing the following restrictions:

· A minimum lot width of 60 feet.
· A minimum lot area of 5,700 square feet for medical and 10,000 square feet for day care.
· 1 parking space per 400 square feet of medical and 1 space per 1,000 square feet of day care.
· Height, bulk, and yard restrictions in line with residential standards.

The rule change was originally designed for Staten Island but was amended to include Board 10’s Lower-Density Growth Management Area at Vacca’s request. The Department of City Planning has indicated it would consider similar restrictions for other low-density areas, such as most of Community Board 11 and parts of Queens and Brooklyn, in the near future.

For more information, please visit the City Planning website at:


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that someone is looking out to preserve the building character of the neighborhood. Just look at some of the dreck that has been built in the past decade in The Bronx, and the rest of the city. Ugly fedders specials, paving over of formerly lush yards & lawns, cutting down trees, razing pretty homes for buildings that occupy every available square inch of natural space. Nothing is set back from the lot line anymore. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to live in the same neighborhood as some of this cinder block, prison-looking cheap crap architecture. It brings down the attractiveness of the area, but what do the developers care? What used to have a unique, or suburban feel, now feels like a cookie cutter mini-mall or a drab, dense, city.

Anonymous said...

True and well said. Is there no recourse?

Anonymous said...

How does this affect jobs? Bx Joel

Sonica said...

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